Pipette tracker, LightOne™ Illuminator qRED, Embitec®

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Pipette tracker, LightOne™ Illuminator qRED, Embitec®
Transilluminateurs Transilluminateurs LED
Compact benchtop illuminator helps to visually identify a specific sample well, complete lanes or rows, to aid in loading 96-well plates.

  • Red LEDs minimize quenching of fluorescent dyes, with three distinct intensities
  • Auto and manual/hands-free advance modes
  • Dedicated LED for each sample well to provide accurate guidance
  • User defined time intervals for advancing to the next sample(s)
  • Illuminate single well or complete lane or complete row
  • Material: White polycarbonate

The LightOne™ Illuminator qRED is a stand-alone bench top solution for tracking pipetting with enhanced visualization of 96-well plates. By illuminating specific wells, operator error is reduced, increasing confidence in assay preparation and results. Multiple modes available for advancing to the next well, including manual and automatic with operator defined advancement timer, and an option to pause. Manual advance either by pressing the directional arrow (left, right, up or down) or by using the hands-free foot pedal to move in the direction selected for advancing.

The red LED’s allow for easy visualization of the active well or lanes to load, and dim once advanced to the next sample. Each well of a 96-well plate has a dedicated LED to ensure tracking of the correct well or lane. The red LED’s make it ideal for fluorescent assays that are light sensitive. The plate adapter is designed to accommodate half-skirted or non-skirted 96-well PCR plates.

The tilt stand offers relief from loading over a plate, and adjusts to 10°, 30°, 45°, making it a practical unit that can also be used in a biosafety cabinet.

Informations de livraison: VL-1007 Universal tilt stand included.
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