Acide iodhydrique 55 - 58% ACS

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Synonyme(s): Iodure d'hydrogène

36484.ADEA 73.1 EUR
36484.AD 36484.AP 36484.AY
Acide iodhydrique 55 - 58% ACS
Acide iodhydrique

Suitable for use in methoxyl determinations.

Used as catalyst for the conversion of primary alcohol to alkyl halide.

Attention: Light sensitive liquid.

Formule: HI
Poids moléculaire: 127,91 g/mol
Point d'ébullition: 127 °C (1013 hPa)
Densité: 1,701
Température de stockage: Température ambiante
Numéro MDL: MFCD00011347
Numéro CAS: 10034-85-2
EINECS: 233-109-9
UN: 1787

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Résultats des tests de spécification

Assay (Unspecified) 55.0 - 58.0%
Residue on Ignition Max. 0.01%
Impurity Content, Chloride and Bromide (as Cl) Max. 0.05%
Impurity Content, Fe Max. 0.001%
Impurity Content, I₂ Max. 0.75%
Impurity Content, PO₄ Max. 0.001%
Impurity Content, SO₄ Max. 0.005%
Trace Metals (as Pb) Max. 0.001%

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