Torque wrench sockets for screw caps GL 25, GL 32 and GL 45, DURAN®

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Torque wrench sockets for screw caps GL 25, GL 32 and GL 45, DURAN®
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Applying the correct closure torque to DURAN® caps is critical to achieving an effective seal. Therefore a range of eight specifically designed splined sockets that fit most of the DURAN® GL-threaded plastic closures can be used.

  • Compliance – Enables accurate closure of DURAN® GL 25, 32 and 45 caps to the recommended torques
  • Ease of use – Cap thread size and type is permanently engraved into the top surface
  • Hygienic design – Suitable for cleanroom use
  • Full traceability – Engraved lot-specific code for certification
  • Convenient – Socket hole fits 'industry standard' 0,25" wrench drive size
  • Robust and recyclable – Machined from a high strength Aluminium alloy EN AW-7075
  • High quality components

Torque is the rotational force applied during application or removal of a closure from a bottle. The correct application torque for a bottle cap is very important as it affects the sealing integrity. Over-tightening may cause some parts of the cap to be under more pressure than others, which could result in an improper seal. Alternatively, the container may leak or the closure could easily unscrew if too little torque is used. When the correct torque is applied, it will provide sealing integrity under the specified temperature, humidity, and loading conditions.

Specification data:
- Height: 15 mm (Overall height: 23 mm; Height h1: 8 mm)
- Colour: Silver

Certifications: The DURAN® Torque wrench sockets is made from a high aluminium alloy EN AW-7075. Delivered with a batch certificate.

Attention: Recommended usable temperature is 260 °C.
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