VWR®, 24-Hour Urine Container

Fournisseur: VWR, part of Avantor
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216-2327EA 193 EUR
VWR®, 24-Hour Urine Container
Récipients de collecte d'échantillon Collecteurs d'urine
24-hour 3 L vacuum urine container with aspiration system for vacuum tubes directly integrated in the screw cap.

  • Optimal handling: Ergonomic moulded handle
  • Graduated
  • Polyethylene

The 24 hour urine collection container is suitable for collecting urine over a timed period.

The 3 L container is brown coloured to prevent the premature decomposition of light sensitive parameters such as urobilinogen.

The container is fitted with an integrated transfer device to enable hygienic, clean sample transfer into a urine tube.

Certifications: IVD
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