Microscope tout-en-un, FSX100

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Microscope tout-en-un, FSX100
The FSX100 all-in-one microscope provides a compact, innovative plug-and-play solution for bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy. The FSX100 combines the highest quality, state-of-the-art hardware and smart and intuitive user-friendly software that guides the user to brilliant images. The intuitive nature of the software means that the FSX100 is an ideal multi-user microscope. From automated, to motorised, to closed-box, the FSX100 suits a variety of different system configurations.

The FSX100 all-in-one microscope enables users of any experience level to take exceptional images. Users are guided through a baseline 'set - select - capture' workflow to achieve exceptional fluorescence images. This microscope is fully motorised to provide precise control over all functions such as focus, objective changes, optical zoom, cover-glass thickness correction, dichroic mirror changes and XY stage positioning.

The FSX100 is equipped with three high-quality fluorescence excitation filters and can be fitted with a fourth if needed. The three supplied filters - ultraviolet (360 to 370 nm), blue (460 to 495 nm) and green (530 to 550 nm), cover the excitation requirements for many standard fluorescence dyes, such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC and GFP. The metal halide fluorescence light source provides steady, pre-centered illumination and has a lifetime of 2000 hours. A fly eye lens is used to ensure even illumination across the field of view and an ND filter is added to control the amount of excitatory light to avoid photo-bleaching of the specimen. Additionally, the field stop is automatically synchronised to the optical zoom to illuminate the part of the sample in the field of view.

A high-performance CCD camera is used for both fluorescence and brightfield imaging, offering excellent monochrome sensitivity and colour reproduction with a maximum resolution of 12,5 megapixels. Camera control is fully integrated into the software, ensuring optimisation of image capture.

All-in-one microscope provides the real-time image quality enables users to apply three levels of noise reduction as well as edge sharpness enhancement algorithms to samples. An automatic black balance correction facility can also be applied to ensure smooth background across the sample.
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