Viral inactivation solution, J.T.Baker®

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Viral inactivation solution, J.T.Baker®
Viral inactivation solution

J.T. Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution. Product is optimized to have low protein reactive impurities and low viscosity for detergent-based viral inactivation step in mAb or other mammalian cell culture process. This ready-to-use solution is formulated with non-ionic detergent which is readily biodegradable, low foaming and free of octyl phenol ethoxylate. Detail description provided in technical literature.

  • High purity, tested for bioburden and impurity
  • Effective inactivation of virus
  • Easily cleared in downstream processing, detectable to 1ppm
  • Readily biodegradable
  • 0.2 µm filtered solution

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Résultats des tests de spécification

Appearance Passes Test
Identity Conforms
Purity by HPLC >95%
Assay Passes Test
Acid value max 10
pH FIO (Target 3-5)
Viscosity at 25°C FIO (Target 2-4cP)
Density (g/ml) 0.9-1.1
Limit of free ethylene oxide (ppm) FIO (Target <1ppm)
Total microbial count No growth detected
Endotoxin (EU/ml) FIO (For Information Only)
Elemental impurities (ppb) FIO (For Information Only)
Protein reactive impurities
(100X diluted), (ppm)
FIO (For Information Only)

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