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The SenseAnywhere SwitchHolder is an accessory which enables you to disable the programmed alarm function of your AiroSensor with a single sliding movement. Just insert your AiroSensor and slide to one side to either activate or disable the alarm notifications of that specific device. This accessory is ideal for environments with cooling systems that are not operational during specific times, i.e. nights or weekends. The SwitchHolder is compatible with the AiroSensor and AiroSensor T. Comes with different labels so you can choose the symbols that match the functionality of your SwitchHolder accordingly.

  • Compatibility with AiroSensor models 20-20-2x, AiroSensor models 20-20-3x
  • Casing material is PC-ABS; easy to clean surface

How does it work? In the SwitchHolder is a magnet and in the AiroSensor there is a magnet switch. Depending on the position in the SwitchHolder the magnet will close or open this switch and a dock or undock event is generated by the AiroSensor. The software will enable or disable the alarm for this specific AiroSensor based upon these events.

Mounting - the holder is pre-fitted with very high bond double sided tape and two stainless steel screws are supplied for mounting in very harsh environments or on rough surfaces. Try to avoid mounting on metal surfaces, reinforced concrete walls, inside metal racks or cabinets for best wireless performance of the sensor.
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