Masterflex® L/S® MasterSense™ Fill/Finish Pump System with Masterflex Ultrapharm™ Pump Head, Avantor®

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Masterflex® L/S® MasterSense™ Fill/Finish Pump System with Masterflex Ultrapharm™ Pump Head, Avantor®
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A highly accurate benchtop pump system for dosing, dispensing, and fill/finish applications.

  • Offset rollers and planetary gearing ensure dosing accuracy (±0,5%), low pulsation, and long tubing life
  • Masterflex double-Y tube sets ensure proper retention, repeatability, and accuracy
  • 250 rpm max speed; dosing volumes from <0,5 to >500 ml
  • Easy on tubing—planetary drive rollers reduce drag on tubing for longer tubing life and reduced risk of premature tubing failure
  • Whisper quiet operation reduces extra noise on the floor or in the lab
  • Autoclavable pump head; tested to 10 cycles without any loss of flow or accuracy performance
  • Real-time pressure sensing and alarms increase process reliability and frees up operator time

The Masterflex Ultrapharm™ L/S® Pump Head, part of the Masterflex® line of products, is designed for custom-engineered solutions to be used in the fill/finish step. This pump head produces gentle, low pulse, and highly accurate dosing and flow to ensure optimal integrity and uniformity. Designed with offset rollers, the pump head provides linear flow throughout the flow range. While one roller is drawing fluid through one leg of the double-Y tube set, the other roller is pushing fluid through the other leg. Also, dual channels allow for a lower rpm in order to achieve 'single-channel' flow rates. A lower rpm means reduced shear forces to maintain fluid and molecular integrity.

Pressure sensor integration feature brings single point pressure values to the pump interface in real time. Provide extra reliability to your process by configuring high/low set point alarms. Alarm can be set to trigger either a warning and/or pump shut off. Order required accessories for simple plug and play functionality: choose the MasterSense MP1 adaptor kit for single-use applications, the MasterSense MP30 reusable pressure transducers for repeat use.
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