Incubating Shakers, INC 125 FS digital (SP20 and SP25)

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Incubating Shakers, INC 125 FS digital (SP20 and SP25)
Agitateurs Agitateurs incubateurs
The INC 125 FS digital incubator shakers have a removable shaker platform. Without the platform, the units can be used as a normal incubator. The large inner chamber with a volume of 125 L offers space for up to 6 grid shelves (without shaker platform). Thanks to high temperature stability and a uniform shaking motion that improves oxygenation, the incubator shakers are the perfect solution for cell cultivation and other microbiological applications.

  • Wide temperature range: RT +8 to 80 °C
  • Easy to read large LCD display
  • Large viewing window and switchable interior lighting for observation of samples
  • Counter, timer and timer auto (temperature-controlled) function to ensure reproducible test conditions
  • High shaking speed up to 300 rpm with 20 or 25 mm stroke for optimum oxygen input
  • Shaker platform can be pulled out halfway (with line indicator) for comfortable and tilt-proof loading
  • Automatic detection of the shaker platform allows the temperature to be automatically adjusted in decontamination mode (100 or 120 °C)
  • When the door is opened, the shaking function stops automatically
  • Shaking and temperature control function can be used independently of each other

Units are easy to clean with simple cleaning of the interior thanks to the rounded corners and flat surfaces made of corrosion-resistant material AISI 304. The optional drip pan provides additional safety in case of liquid overflow or it can be used as water reservoir to increase humidity in the chamber. Decontamination mode for disinfection and reduction of cross contamination (100/120 °C).

These shaking incubators provide excellent temperature management and optimised energy consumption thanks to very good insulation of the inner chamber and triple-glazed door with window. Internal air circulation can be influenced by electronically adjustable fan speed (0-100%).

Up to two devices (incubator shaker or incubator) can be stacked (stacking kit must be ordered).
Different trays, spare shaking platforms with 20 or 25 mm shaking stroke and other accessories are available. The threaded grid on the platform allows fixing clips or STICKMAX adhesive mat for different vessels and sizes to be mounted. Door has hinge on the right, this is changeable on request - please enquire for details.

Certifications: IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 20

Informations sur les accessoires: Shaker platform accommodates a maximum of 96×10, 39×25, 39×50, 24×100, 12×200/250, 12×500, 6×1000 or 2×2000 ml flasks.

Informations de commande: Supplied with shaker platform corresponding SP20/25 shaker platform, chrome plated wire grid tray (max load 20 kg), 2× tilt protection and USB A-B cable.
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