Transfection reagent, 293-Free™

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Transfection reagent, 293-Free™
Réactifs de transfection
293-Free™ transfection reagent has a unique polycationic liposomal formulation and is designed expressly for transfection of HEK 293 cells grown in suspension culture. It is ideal for mammalian protein production. 293-Free™ transfection reagent is provided as a sterile, ready to use solution. The 1 ml size provides enough reagent to transfect a litre of culture.

  • Optimised for transient transfections of HEK 293 suspension cultures
  • Derived from non-animal sources
  • Minimal cellular toxicity
  • Protocol easily scales up for production
  • Compatible with both serum-containing and serum-free media
  • Eliminates the need for media changes
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