Thermomètres rodés

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AMARD265078-FLEA 236 EUR
AMARD265078-FL AMARD265058-FL AMARD265074-FL AMARD265082-FL AMARD265050-FL AMARD265062-EF AMARD265086-EF
Thermomètres rodés
Thermomètres Thermomètres analogiques
These enclosed scale thermometers are suitable for government verification or for government calibration. These are designed with an adjustable, vacuum-tight, universal lock with PTFE packing rings.

  • Blue reflecting prismatic capillary
  • Subdivision up to 0,5 °C
  • Richter-top finish with button
  • Certificate of stem correction

Upper part (l/Ø): 250 to 350/10 mm
Lower part (l/Ø): 200 to 250/8 to 8,5 mm
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