Microscopes binoculaires et trinoculaires droits, BX41 et BX51

Fournisseur: Olympus
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Microscopes binoculaires et trinoculaires droits, BX41 et BX51
These Y-shaped frame brings all adjustable features toward the user for easy access to controls, while also providing superb stability.

  • Lunette de centrage des anneaux de phase
  • Génération UIS2 avec objectifs planachromatiques
  • Série d’oculaires WHN pour une fidélité des couleurs inégalée sur fond clair et naturel

Modular design allows for easy attachment of accessories without image compromise; accepts a variety of video attachments, film cameras, and the new BX-URA2 and BX-RFA incident light fluorescence illuminators.

The BX41 accepts all UIS2 optics, delivering bright, sharp and high-contrast images A 6V/30W halogen illumination with photo-preset button for bright images and convenient photo documentation.

Eight position universal condenser for use in brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarization, and DIC (Nomarski) allows continuous observation over the wide magnification range of 1,25× to 100× without condenser change.

Informations de livraison: fournis avec un câble, une housse de protection et deux ampoules de rechange.

The conditioning device(s) and detector work together to modify image contrast as a function of spatial frequency, phase, polarisation, absorption, fluorescence, off-axis illumination, and/or other properties of the specimen and illumination technique. Even without the addition of specific devices to condition illumination and filter image-forming waves, some degree of natural filtering occurs with even the most basic microscope configuration.
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