Urine collection tubes and kits, BD Vacutainer®

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BD Vacutainer®
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Urine collection tubes and kits, BD Vacutainer®
Récipients de collecte d'échantillon Collecteurs d'urine
This urine collection system is a standardised and hygienic system that can be used right where the sample is taken. It provides the advantages of a closed system that will provide reliable diagnostic results with reduced risk of healthcare worker exposure to hazardous specimens.

  • Made of PET
  • Provided with paper labels

For urinalysis, a wide range of volumes for all patient types, with or without preservative, to be used with collection devices, specimen cups, 24 hour 3 L containers and transfer straws.

For microbiology determinations, a wide range of volumes for all patient types with boric acid based preservative tubes, all clinically validated for 48 hour specimen stability at room temperature. Leak proof evacuated urine tubes can be safely transported to the laboratory for analysis.
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