Plasma separator tubes, PST™ II, BD Vacutainer®

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BD Vacutainer®
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Plasma separator tubes, PST™ II, BD Vacutainer®
Systèmes de diagnostic clinique Clinical sample collection/preparation
Plasma tubes with separating gel for clinical chemistry are available with spray-dried lithium heparin additives.

  • It act as stable barrier between plasma and cells providing analyte stability and better sample quality
  • Correct mixing of the tubes immediately after the blood sample collection is important to avoid micro clotting
  • Plasma separation tubes should be gently inverted 180° and back 8 to 10 times

During the centrifugation of these tubes, an inert gel separates the plasma and the cells preventing the contamination of the plasma from the separated cellular components.

Informations de commande: Study documentation in relation to BD Vacutainer® PST™ II tubes are supplied on request.
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