Ball valves with GL thread

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BOHLE664-40EA 557 EUR
BOHLE664-40 BOHLE667-20 BOHLE667-40 BOHLE667-30 BOHLE664-30 BOHLE667-10 BOHLE664-20 BOHLE664-10
Ball valves with GL thread
Robinets d'arrêt
Made of PTFE/PPS.

  • Very good chemical resistance, the fluid medium only comes into contact with PTFE
  • Temperature resistant from −20 to +200 °C
  • Pressure resistant up to a maximum of 12 bar, vacuum suitable

Ball valves are ideal for distributing liquids or gases, quick and easy disconnection of flow, connection of tubing or tubes using laboratory screw joints.

Two-way valve with straight bore and two connections with GL thread or three-way valve with L-shaped bore and three connections with GL thread. Ball-shaped stopcock plug for excellent tightness, free-moving stop valve.
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