LabSafe™ GEL blue for staining of polyacrylamide gels

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LabSafe GEL Blue™
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LabSafe™ GEL blue for staining of polyacrylamide gels
Colorants Colorants pour gels d'electrophorèse
LabSafe GEL Blue™ is an ultra sensitive stain that is able to detect as little as 4ng protein. Protein bands are visible in as little as 3 minutes, with maximal staining achieved in an hour. The figure shows that LabSafe GEL Blue™ can detect protein levels as low as 4ng BSA. 60 to 1000ng BSA is detectable in 5 to 10 minutes, and the low levels of BSA (<8ng) become clearly visible when washed in water.

Works with native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, denaturing, isoelectric focusing, or 2D gel. Mass spectrometry compatible.
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