Transfection reagent, TurboFect in-vitro

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Transfection reagent, TurboFect in-vitro
Réactifs de transfection
TurboFect transfection reagent is recommended for efficient transfection of plasmid DNA. Distinct from lipid-based formulas, TurboFect is a sterile solution of a proprietary cationic polymer in water. The polymer forms positively-charged complexes with DNA that are both compact and stable. These complexes protect DNA from degradation and facilitate efficient plasmid delivery into eukaryotic cells.

  • High transfection efficiency of plasmid DNA into a wide variety of cell types (adherent and suspension cells; differentiated and undifferentiated cells)
  • Excellent transfection efficiency in the presence or absence of serum
  • Ready to use reagent – no need to reconstitute, dilute, or manipulate
  • Simple protocol
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